• Introduction
  • The Virtual Go2Sky is a non-profit organization for flight simulation enthusiasts.
    Our goal is to imitate the real AIRLINE flies and allows the pilot to take on a new experience in virtual flying.
  • Pilot Callsign and career
  • !!! VGo2Sky membership involves no money and will stay that way !!!
    We'll never ask you for money. But if you want to support us feel free to donate something.
    When you joined, we assigned you a VGo2Sky callsign, also called your Pilot Callsign.
    This is to be used for any operation within the association including the forum.
    This Callsign should be used when you correspond with any member of management.
    Many people join the association just to fly, others work on projects.
    In any case everyone is free to contribute to any work or project.
  • Prior experience
  • Within the VGo2Sky, everybody starts at 0 including management! If you're a real-world pilot
    or a member of an airline or a network member, in any case we won't transfer your flight time.
    The only thing you'll have is wings according to your IVAO awards and online time on VATSIM.
    As we count both experience, flying on both networks at the same time isn't allowed.
    A pilot seen flying on both networks at the same time will be removed from the roster without any prior-notice.
  • Minimum requirements
  • To qualify make sure you meet the following minimum criteria:
    You're 14 years old or older
    You must submit real identity with full name
    You're able to write and understand English
    You have a legal copy of a flight simulation program (FS, X-Plane...)
    You have a valid email account, we must be able to contact you shortly via this email
    You know the basics in flight simulation (taking off, landing, navigation, NDB, VOR, routes, etc.)
    You know the basics of flying theory (aerodynamics, airspaces, rules, squawk codes etc.)
  • Minimum activity expected
  • In VGo2Sky, you'll have to file PIREPs (Pilot Reports) for each of your flight. These reports are what
    is included in real flight plans plus a few more information.
    We operate a 7 day first valid PIREP policy which means pilots must submit a valid flight within
    the first 7 days after admission.
    After that, we operate a 30 day active flying policy which means pilots must submit a valid flight
    at least every 30 days.
    Pilots who are inactive after one of those period may be removed without notice from the roster and forums.
    If you have difficulties with using our system please contact staff by email as soon as possible so that we can assist you. If you don't contact us, our system
    will automatically delete you from our database. Of course, the website shows you your status and
    you'll receive at least one reminder email to inform you that you may be removed.
    We ask you to carefully consider before applying whether you are able to fulfil this basic commitment.
  • Pirep operations
  • The main objective and purpose of the VGo2Sky is to provide virtual pilots with a fun and professional environment. Accordingly our operational rules are quite simple as our objective is not to have pilots racing for high rank or number of flight hours.
    Here are our basic rules:
    We are using FSACARS system. You'll file your PIREPs with all required information carefully reviewed.
    You'll not fly Airline flights or IFR with "DIRECT GPS" or "DIRECT", you'll have to prepare your
    flight Plan with realistic route and file it (this is a required field in our PIREPs).
    We have prepared flight plan for you. You can browse in our shedule.
    You must use it flight number for your flight from shedule list.
    How to fill a flight plan in FSACARS :
  • Personal privacy
  • The VGo2Sky will never give or sell your personal data to third party including your email address.
  • Logbook and PIREP policy
  • First of all, we'd like to remind you that our logbook is to be used for VGo2Sky operations only and not as a backup of your flights. A member of the staff will validate each PIREP. We require a realistic flight plan.
    According to that here's some basics you must crosscheck:
    The pilot report (PIREP) is in two parts: The Flight plan and the Flight Report.
    The Flight plan is the part that you file before the flight and the flight report the part you file after it.
    Therefore, all elements in the Flight plan should reflect planned elements and not report what you did.
    Once again we recommend you simulate flights as in reality and do them at 1x speed.
  • Stars
  • As you know, the VGo2Sky is using a 'point' system according to what you do. Those points are named STARS.
    They are given according to these criteria:
    Flight Time:
    Airlines original route = 2 stars per 0.1h.
    Classics route = 1 star per 0.1h flown (10 stars per hour)
    Declared online flights = x 2 flight time stars.(flight online IVAO,VATSIM,...)
    Declared offline flights = x 1 flight time stars.(flight offline)
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